Our Sunday, November 12, ride day will feature many different activities for all ages to enjoy. This day will honor the Goldston Depot with an author book signing and kick off the holiday season with the play “A Christmas Carol.”

Visitors who ride the first two trains, will also have the opportunity to see the Goldston Depot, which was recently moved to New Hope Valley Railway’s rail yard. Attendees will get a peek at the depot while it is undergoing its renovation. There will also be some artifacts and train memorabilia on display. Proceeds from the November 12 ride day will go toward funding continued renovations of the Goldston Depot.

Author Larry Neal, Jr. will speak and sign copies of his book, Rail Depots of Eastern North Carolina, which was recently published in September 2017.

The final ride of the day will be at 4 p.m. After this train ride, visitors will enjoy a catered dinner with menu choices and begin to get into the holiday spirit by watching “A Christmas Carol” play beginning at 5 p.m. The play will be performed by The Phoenix Theatre Company, a professional group, and is expected to last until around 7 p.m.

Watch our website for more details and purchase tickets from our event calendar.