The Goldston Depot is one of our restoration projects with the greatest priority. Please consider making a contribution to the North Carolina Railway Museum, home to the New Hope Valley Railway. We’ve made good progress, but we’re not there yet!   We have collected $34,378 to date and we are working on handicap access, lighting and starting to put our museum items in there.

Fundraising thus far:
NRHS Heritage Grant (April 2019) – $3,500
Tim Carrol & Friends Facebook Fund Raiser (July 2019) – $700
Tom E Dailey Foundation (August 2019) – $3,000
Depot Day Fundraiser (Sept 2019) – $2,800
Anonymous Donor (Sept 2019) – $6,500
Tim Carrol & Friends Facebook Fund Raiser (July 2020) – $2,000

And thanks to all our past supporters for the funds to move the Goldston Depot here in 2017!

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History and Preservation

The Goldston Depot was constructed for the Cape Fear and Yadkin Valley Railway around 1884. It was located in Goldston, Chatham County, North Carolina. The town was originally called Corinth, but was renamed after the first town mayor and land donor for the depot. The town received a post office in 1889 and in 1896 had a population of 150 people.

Goldston Depot Circa 1945 with passenger section still intact

Goldston depot after passenger area removed but before first move.






Originally constructed as a freight only depot, the depot was enlarged in the early 1900’s to add a freight office, the addition increased the size to 23’ x 58’. Southern Railway took over operation of the line in 1909. In the mid 1920’s, as passenger service was added to the line, a passenger section was added increasing the overall size to 23’ x 72’. Passenger service was ended in the late 1930’s and the passenger section was removed with the depot converted back to being a freight depot with an office. Rail service at the depot was discontinued in the mid 1950’s and it was moved offsite before 1970 by a local businessman [Mr. Gaines] to preserve it from being destroyed. In 2015, the family of this local businessman contacted our organization about preserving the historical Depot.

Please see the WRAL News video about the Goldston Depot –

Handwritten dates by depot & railroad workers, and townspeople dating back to early 1900’s.






In August of 2017, NHVRy coordinated the move of the depot to the railroad yard in Bonsal – the following photos show the work on-site that has been completed so far.

Depot being moved to new concrete footers alongside the mainline.

Resting atop new footers and awaiting further restoration.

Fresh paint and metal roofing, along with the restored semaphore.

The Depot Office is ready with 2 desks and a wood stove

The main hall is has some new cabinets for displays