Drive a diesel locomotive!

The North Carolina Railway Museum’s Operate-a-Loco program puts YOU in the engineer’s seat of one of our diesel locomotives. Spend an hour at the throttle on the 8-mile round trip New Hope Valley Railway route through the North Carolina piney woods. Experience the thrill of driving a real railroad locomotive.

Our steam engine is in the process of undergoing refurbishment and will not be part of our Operate-a-Loco program. However, we’ve added additional times to drive our diesel locomotives as part of this program.

The Operate-a-Loco program is open to anyone aged 16 and up with a valid driver’s license. Participants will operate a diesel locomotive that is not connected to other train cars. Diesel participants will be able to bring up to two (2) additional people as riders. Operate-a-Loco participants and train cab riders are required to wear closed-toe shoes. Long sleeve shirts are also recommended.

Operate-a-Loco Diesel fare is $125. To purchase a reservation for the experience, please select a scheduled time below.

Interested in buying a Gift Certificate for an Operate-a-Loco?  Change the search below from Operate to Gift then find the gift operate-a-loco ticket and checkout. When you are ready to schedule – use the ticket code to redeem as promo coupon for your operation on available dates.