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Our 2019 Schedule begins in late April and ends in mid-December with our popular Holiday Santa Trains.

See our Calendar for a month-by-month listing of our excursion rides, events and rentals.

Our weekend ride days now include a Slow Down Sunday and a Saturday Brew ‘n’ Choo event. We’re 100% staffed by volunteers, so while we don’t operate on a regular schedule, you can plan ahead, buy your tickets online and count on a memorable experience on the days listed below.

Buy your tickets here where you’ll also find the fares and train departure times for the day you plan to be our guest.

Larger groups, such as schools and senior centers, prefer our weekday rides held once a month on the second Wednesday & fourth Friday. For special occasions, see our Party Caboose and Parties & More  section. For a truly memorable experience the train enthusiast in your family (16 years or older) spend an hour at the controls our Operate-a-Loco program. If your are doing an Operate-A-Loco event you must not wear open toed shoes.

Our famous No. 17 1941 Vulcan Iron Works steam engine is still undergoing the 15-year federally mandated by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) teardown and recertification. No promises but…there is a chance it might be building up steam on our Main Line before the end of this year. In the meantime the trains running on our tracks will be pulled by our fleet of diesel-electric locomotives – four open-air passenger cars and a caboose –  for a memorable experience our customers have enjoyed for more than 30 years.

Our trains will be operating on the following days. Please click on Buy Tickets for train departure times and ticket prices. A small processing fee will apply for each transaction and is not included in the rate shown.

  • April 28 – Brew ‘n’ Choo (to benefit the ALCO S1 Locomotive) [resched – previously Saturday April 27]
  • May 18  – Brew ‘n’ Choo (to benefit the Cliffside No. 110 Steam Locomotive)
  • June 9 – Slow Down Sunday
  • June 29 – Brew ‘n’ Choo (to benefit the Construction of Restrooms)
  • July 14 – Slow Down Sunday
  • July 27 – Brew ‘n’ Choo (to benefit No. 17 Steam Locomotive)
  • August 11 – Slow Down Sunday
  • August 31 – Brew ‘n’ Choo (to benefit Duke Power Riverbend No. 10 Locomotive)
  • September 8 – Slow Down Sunday
  • September 28 – Brew ‘n’ Chew (to benefit the Goldston Depot)
  • October 12 – Track or Treat: Halloween Express
  • October 19 – Track or Treat: Halloween Express
  • October 26 – Track or Treat: Halloween Express
  • November 10 – Slow Down Sunday
  • December 7 – Santa’s Reindeer Roundup Express
  • December 8 – Santa’s Reindeer Roundup Express
  • December 14 – Santa’s Reindeer Roundup Express
  • December 15 – Santa’s Reindeer Roundup Express

Note: The BENEFIT targets of the the Brew ‘n’ Choo’s designates that all ticket sales (minus operation expenses) would be restricted to be used only towards the listed project. Any additional donations would be greatly welcomed!

Weekday Diesel Ride Days: Wednesdays and Fridays at 10:30 a.m.
April 10
April 26
May 8
May 24
June 12
June 28
July 10
July 26
August 14
August 23
September 27
November 13

We offer excursions, rain or shine, on our monthly excursion days.

We work with partners who join us in the rail yard throughout our ride season. Look for exciting news in the next week addressing our food and brewery vendors coinciding with themed ride days. Craft breweries and food trucks will be participating in our Brew ‘n’ Choo events.

Important information about Train Rides:

  • Please dress appropriately for the weather the day of your ride. The railway operates open passenger cars, rain -or- shine.
  • Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before your train’s departure time. Allow ample time to park and board your train. The trains do not wait for late passengers and you are not guaranteed a ride on another train if you miss your departure time.
  • The excursions take about one hour. There are no bathrooms on the trains, so please plan accordingly. There are bathrooms (porta potties) on the rail yard grounds.
  • Limited handicap facilities are available. Please contact us regarding any special needs.
  • The staff is an all-volunteer crew trained to operate the equipment in a safe and professional manner. If you have questions concerning the railway or museum, you are encouraged to ask an on-duty volunteer.
  • No refunds or rain checks are offered due to inclement weather.
  • The railroad reserves the right to substitute equipment or cancel any event or excursion without notice.
  • You may call to verify trains are operating before visiting.
  • Please come to the ticket office on the ride day. If you paid online, we still need to check you in. You may also pay online and we will print your tickets at the ticket office or you may purchase your tickets at the ticket office the day of the ride. Boarding is first come, first serve so please board as soon as possible. Trains will depart at the scheduled time or earlier,  if full.
  • Special event fare and schedule may vary.