Groups & Charters

Families, groups and organizations are invited to the North Carolina Railway Museum to take a relaxing and scenic one hour train ride and enjoy the natural beauty along the New Hope Valley Railway as part of a group or by chartering a train.

Groups can range from 10 to several hundred people and purchase tickets during already scheduled ride days. There are no assigned seats on the train so groups must email to reserve a spot for your group. Best efforts will be made to reserve seats together on a ride but please note that each of our passenger cars comfortably sit a maximum of 70 people. We can handle up to approximately 270 people per train ride and smaller groups will most likely share a passenger car with other riders. Reservations will be held by the name of the organization or the point-of-contact.

Charters are available for larger groups interested in renting out an entire train for themselves. Charters can be scheduled during a ride day or on a preferred date with sufficient notice. Our train has seats for approximately 270 people. Email to inquire about dates, pricing and other details to charter our train.

Some examples of associations that ride the train as groups and/or charters are:

  • Churches
  • Schools – our rides can serve as an educational experience.
  • Alumni Associations
  • Senior centers
  • Tour groups
  • Businesses
  • Clubs
  • Associations
  • Societies
  • and others!

Food and beverage for scheduled group train ride days is typically limited to bottled water and crackers for sale in the Gift Shop. Contact us if you have something special in mind and Charter groups can inquire about customized catering options as well.

Please email for all group ride and charter ride questions and inquiries. Someone will typically reply within two business days, but please be patient and courteous with our all volunteer staff.