On Sunday, August 27, 2017, the historical Goldston Depot that served the community of Goldston, N.C. until the mid-1900s made its move to our rail yard in Bonsal. The roof and building traveled in a convoy approximately 30 miles east along US. Route 421 & U.S. Route 64.

In November 2015, the North Carolina Railway Museum – home to NHVR, was gifted the 1884 train depot by Todd Gaines, a Goldston businessman. Todd’s father, Jerry Gaines, saved the 23’ x 58’ depot from demolition in 1973 and used the building as storage for tires and wares from his three companies. The depot served the community of Goldston, N.C. until the mid-1900s. It will be used for storage at NHVR.

The same moving company that moved the depot to the Gaines’ property more than 40 years ago, moved it to NHVR’s rail yard in Bonsal. Some of the next steps for the depot include reattaching the roof and starting masonry work. Our all-volunteer staff is happy to help preserve this piece of North Carolina railroad history. Learn more about the Goldston Depot.

Here are some photos from the move: